SharePoint Integration

SharePoint Integration

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User Access: Self-service integration enabled for Premium & Enterprise providers

Reach out to your CSM for questions about your platform package. Only GUIDEcx Admin users can setup the SharePoint Integration.

What is the GUIDEcx & SharePoint Integration?

The GUIDEcx + SharePoint integration will connect GUIDEcx projects to a SharePoint list, automatically creating new tasks in GUIDEcx when a list item is added.

This enables you to have a spreadsheet-like experience, importing tasks in bulk. New tasks will be pulled every 15 minutes. Only new list items will be synced to GUIDEcx – updates made to existing list items will not be synced.

This is a one-way sync, data is pushed from SharePoint to GUIDEcx.

What will you need?

What you’ll need in order to create a connection:

  • Client ID: you’ll need to create a new Azure application. This guide will walk you through how to create both the client id and client secret.

  • Client Secret (See above)

  • Subdomain: Enter your SharePoint subdomain as found in your SharePoint URL. If your SharePoint url is, then subdomain is abc

  • Site name: leave this blank. You’ll have the opportunity to specify specific site names in your project settings.

Linking SharePoint to your GUIDEcx Project

Locate & Connect SharePoint to GUIDEcx through the Integration Marketplace.

Once you’ve created a connection to your home SharePoint site, you’ll be able to configure individual projects to pull new issues from one or more SharePoint Lists.

Go to any project and open “Project Settings”, from there you’ll need to provide the following:

  1. Activate the Sync Project to SharePoint Toggle.

  2. SharePoint Site: the site to query initial list of names.

    1. This will be a menu populated with all of the subsites of your SharePoint site.

  3. SharePoint List: You can choose one or more lists for GUIDEcx to watch for new items. These will be limited to the Site you chose in the first step.

  4. Default Project Milestone: which GUIDEcx milestone will all new tasks be created.

SharePoint List Schema

GUIDEcx will watch for new items added to the specified lists to create new tasks in your GUIDEcx project. The list must have the following fields:

  • Name

  • Description (multiple lines of text)

  • Start Date (date and time)

  • Due Date (date and time)

  • Priority. This should be a Choice between HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW. These priority types are documented in our Task Creation API

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