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Salesforce Migration to Recipe Builder
Salesforce Migration to Recipe Builder

Upgrading from older managed package approaches

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This new Salesforce integration method is meant for organizations that already installed the managed package. The main reasons why many have already migrated to Recipe Builder as an upgrade over outdated apex code and workflows are:

  • More flexible customization

  • Simpler troubleshooting

  • Future-proof support

More flexible customization means you can choose exactly which fields to auto-populate in your GUIDEcx projects based on any Salesforce object, record, or field.

Simpler troubleshooting means you never again need to suffer through cumbersome debug logs in the Salesforce developer console to find out how to keep integrations working consistently. Instead, you can just drill down to the exact input, output, and error message all in a couple clicks from the Recipe Builder dashboard.

Future-proof support means that Recipe Builder is the officially approved method of integrating with Salesforce. As such, Recipe Builder will be the main method receiving all future code upgrades and training updates.

All these benefits are documented in more detail in this related help article for Salesforce recipe customization.

Deactivating the old connection to the managed package

To avoid creation of duplicates by the managed package and recipes, remove the Salesforce connection in the old Integrations page.

The system will ask for confirmation. You can be confident in clicking "Disconnect Salesforce.

This is because the managed package has already created the GUIDEcx object in Salesforce. That object and all historical data will be maintained. All the other former functions of the managed package can be better fulfilled through the new recipes below.

After disconnection, GUIDEcx will still appear under the "Installed Packages" section of Salesforce. That can be left as is. However, the apex functions to create new projects and sync updates will be blocked while recipes take care of those ongoing automation jobs.

2.7 is the latest version of the managed package as of May 2023. Even though it includes those extra functions that will be blocked by disconnection, it is still the best way to ensure the GUIDEcx object is created in Salesforce.

Activating the new connectors in Recipe Builder

Install all these project creation and sync recipes. Click on the "Community" section on the left side of Recipe Builder. Search for "GUIDEcx" and "Salesforce". Click on each of the tiles for Create Project, Sync Project, Sync Milestone, Sync Task, and Sync Note.

Click "Use this recipe" in the top right. Activate the new Salesforce connector and recipes. Again, these steps are shown in more detail in the related help article for Salesforce recipe customization.

From then on, the creation and sync recipes will ensure the opportunity links to the GUIDEcx object are maintained just like users have come to expect from the managed package. This link is shown in the "Related" section on the right side of opportunities.

The corresponding link back to the opportunity is also shown in the middle section of the GUIDEcx object. This is helpful both for navigation and validation. You can now rest assured that project managers have an automated head start for all new customers and that custom reporting on progress in Salesforce is more reliable than ever before.

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