Create Google Form URL for GUIDEcx Recipe

Create a Custom Merge Tag for a Google Forms URL that updates at project creation to pre-fill a field containing the GUIDEcx Project ID.

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Recipe Overview

This recipe updates a Merge Tag during project creation with a Google Forms link that is prefilled with the GUIDEcx Project ID as a response to a question, allowing it to easily be tied back to the project by the Import Google Form Response to GUIDEcx Recipe.

Note: To use this integration multiple times within the same template, you will need to clone this recipe and create a unique merge tag for each Google Form used.

Integration Setup

Prerequisites: Edit rights for a Google Form that contains a short answer question for the GUIDEcx Project ID.

Create Custom Merge Tag within GUIDEcx for Google Forms URL

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Follow the steps below to create a custom merge tag:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Fields Tab in the Company Details page.

  2. Select + Add Custom Field.

  3. Name the Tag something identifiable.

  4. Check the "Make Merge Tag" box.

  5. Save Custom Field.

Installing the Recipe

Follow the steps outlined in the video below to install the recipe:

Configuring Individual Steps

Step 2 (Execute Python code: Create Project-Specific Google Form URL)

  1. Update the "GUIDEcx API Token" input field with your Org's API Token.

Custom Properties

This recipe requires parameters to be configured before it can run successfully. Scroll to the bottom of the recipe and click configuration parameters to finish setting up the recipe.

Google Form URL

To find your Google Form URL, navigate to your Google Form, click the preview button, and copy the browser URL.

This is the URL that will be used to populate the Custom Merge Tag.

Paste this URL into the Google Form URL field found in the Custom Properties of the Recipe.

Google Form Entry ID for GUIDEcx Project ID

Follow these steps to retrieve the Form Entry ID for the GUIDEcx Project ID question.

  1. In Google forms, click the 3-dot menu on the top right and select "Get pre-filled link." This will open up the form and allow you to add responses to the questions.

  2. Add any value (Example: "12345") to the GUIDEcx Project ID field. then click "Get link" and copy the link to your clipboard.

  3. Paste the URL into a Text Editor.

  4. Copy the Entry ID paired with the value from Step 2.

    1. Towards the end of the URL, find the value from Step 2. In the following example, "12345" was entered as the response.

    2. Copy the 10-digit ID between "&entry." and "=". In the following example, The entry ID, "1637173978", is bolded.

  5. Paste the Entry ID into the "Google Form Entry ID for GUIDEcx Project ID" field found in the Custom Properties of the Recipe.

GUIDEcx Custom Merge Tag ID

Follow these steps to retrieve and paste the ID for the custom merge tag that will be used in the task instructions.

  1. Within GUIDEcx, navigate to the Custom Fields tab within Company Details.

  2. Click on your custom merge tag created for this recipe.

  3. Copy the 32-Digit 'custom-field-id' from the browser URL.

  4. Paste the ID into the recipe.

Starting the Recipe

From within Recipe Builder, click the 3-dot menu to the right of the recipe and select "Start Recipe". The Google Forms - Create Form URL for Project Recipe is now live.

Recipe Testing

Follow these steps to test the recipe:

  1. Add the Custom Merge Tag created for the recipe to a task description in a GUIDEcx Template and create a project with the template.

    1. Within the Custom Fields tab of the project. The custom merge tag should be populated with a link to the google form containing the project ID as a response to the Entry ID.

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