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GUIDEcx Referral Program
GUIDEcx Referral Program

Sharing is caring! Introduce your friends to GUIDEcx and get up to $150 in Amazon Gift Cards.

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So you want to learn more about Refer a Friend Best Practices. AMAZING!

Whether you're a seasoned referrer or you're thinking about submitting your first referral you'll find answers to things like:

So read on!

How it works:

    1. Submit your information (name + email)

    2. Submit your friend's information (name + email + company + anything we should know)

  1. We will reach out to them via email asap.

  2. Get Paid

    1. Upon demo completion we will send you a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

    2. Upon contract signature we will send you a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Who should I refer?

Think back when you worked somewhere that could use a platform like GUIDEcx. Chances are that team could still benefit from it!

Or maybe a friend asked what tool you use for customer onboarding. They could be a great candidate!

Is there a limit of people I can refer?

You can refer as many friends or former colleagues that could benefit from using GUIDEcx as you can think of!

How do I increase my chances of getting paid more?

The people we constantly pay are the ones who constantly check in with their friend. Remember that if they don't show up to the demo we can't reward you! Make sure they don't miss it!

Are there other rewards?

Not yet! This is the first version of our Referral Program. As it evolves, you can stay tuned for limited edition swag and GUIDEcx discounts.

How can I track my friend's progress?

We don't have a fancy dashboard for you to track it. . . yet. But you can always chat with your friend to ask if they've done the demo yet or if they are close to signing! PS we'll keep a close eye on the progress on these so you get your Amazon gift card!

Elan's Wishlist:

What is the most expensive thing on Amazon Elan wants to buy and how many people would I need to refer to buy it? [Click to reveal]

That would really make me happy.

It costs around $900.

In order to afford this, I would need to refer:

  • 18 friends that showed up to their demo. ($50 each)

  • 6 people that sign up for GUIDEcx ($150 each... then we could have a hot tub party!)

What is the cheapest thing on Amazon Elan wants to buy and how many could I get if I refer 1 person? [Click to reveal]

I would really like to purchase a Mini Funny Positive Potato that could help me through tough days.

It's only $5!

If I referred 1 person who only did the demo, I could purchase 10 of these little guys!

If I referred 1 person who signed, I could purchase 30 of them!!! That's a lot of positivity! Now, do you see why we started this referral program?

Feeling inspired? Go and submit a referral here:

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