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Build unique workspaces for your teams, brands, locations, etc all within one GUIDEcx instance

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Workspaces is a brand new feature that enables an organization to have separate environments that are accessible with the same login credentials.

This separate environment is its own unique site/organization that can have settings that differ from the existing site/org where the only shared element is that of users. That means that each workspace can have its own templates, branding/whitelabeling, customers, global settings, custom fields, api access, Recipe Builder, users, etc. The only thing that is shared is that of users and those can be workspace specific.

What could I use Workspaces for?

  • Sandbox - Some organizations like to test new processes or functionality inside of a sandbox before having them within their production environment that is associated with live customer data. A sandbox is especially useful when it comes to testing out integrations or trying new recipes for automation.

  • Departments - Some organizations use GUIDEcx across a variety of departments. While onboarding and implementation were the initial use cases for a team to have GUIDEcx we have seen organizations use our product to help other departments such as Customer Success or Support or Marketing. While GUIDEcx isn’t a full CS solution we offer enough functionality that teams with basic needs around task automation find value in using our tool rather than having the expense of another tool in their tech stack. The reason organizations have opted for a separate environment is that they want to have their own templates, administrators, settings, etc. Workspaces provide a nice bridge for Admin users or Executives to quickly navigate between environments without having to manage multiple sets of credentials.

  • To support different languages - The UI of GUIDEcx is in English and while that isn’t changing right now, one of the major value props of our product is customer engagement and currently all of those emails are in English. However, they don’t have to be in English if an organization utilizes our Custom Email Templates. Organizations can create their own versions of our emails in whatever language they prefer including subject lines and then have those used rather than our default templates. In the past this wasn’t a really viable option if you were trying to support multiple languages within the same workspace but with multiple workspaces you could run projects out of whatever one makes sense and rest assured that you are communicating to your customers in their preferred language.

User Access

While Workspaces are completely independent environments, the one thing they do have the potential to share is that of users. Rest assured that you have very defined mechanisms that help you to keep users organized and you don’t need to worry about someone having access to an environment that they shouldn’t.

Admins can easily add and remove people from environments. (Managers do not have this access.

Users can have different license types within each Workspace if needed.

How do I create a workspace?

Reach out to your CSM to get set up with Workspaces!

How do I add users to a workspace?

Only users with an Admin license can add users to a workspace

  1. Launch the workspace you'd like to add users to

  2. Add users from the User tab under Company Details

Best Practices

Workspaces are best utilized for environments that need their own settings and configurations. While it is possible to use a workspace without any integrations or automation recipes, you are not getting the most value from the separate workspace.


Q: How much does a workspace cost?

A: If you believe that a workspace might be valuable for you and your organization, please talk with your CSM and they can help you evaluate your options.

Q: Does a new workspace inherit any settings from a previous workspace?

A: No, when a new workspace is created it is a blank slate and will require configuration.

Q: Can I get templates from one workspace imported to another workspace?

A: Yes, our team will assist with a limited number of template transfers. Please note the word limited and know that we will not be transferring dozens of templates from one workspace to another.

Q: Can I get recipes from one workspace imported to another workspace?

A: There are a variety of options available to you when it comes to leveraging recipes. Some options are completely self-serve and allow for you to publish a recipe to our community and then use it in other workspaces. If you don’t feel comfortable with that approach there are options to utilize Guide Hours.

Q: If I belong to two workspaces and I have a paid license type in each one, does that mean my user is accounting for two paid licenses?

A: No, when it comes to your user count and available licenses our count is based on unique paid license types. In the scenario above that user would only be using one paid license.

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