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2. Team Setup

Learn who needs to be invited to GUIDEcx, what license type they'll need, and how to add them.

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There are two types of users: Internal + External. This allows you to customize what you share with them and how much access they have to certain onboarding projects.

Internal Users: Users that are employed by your organization and help with the success of your customer's onboarding experience. There are a limited number of paid licenses (Admin, Manager, and Guide) and unlimited free licenses (Task Owner, Contributor, and Observer)

External Users: These users can be third-party contributors or customers! (Did I mention they were free and unlimited?)

User Access

Only Admins and Managers can ADD new users to GUIDEcx. PS Managers cannot create new ADMIN users.

User Access + Permissions

Here’s a 30,000' view of who has what permissions, you may want to zoom in 😉

System Access

Project + Task Access

Internal users are in black - external users are in green.
* - Access is assuming that an external user is provided with FULL PROJECT view.

How to Add Your Team

  1. Click on “Company Details” in the top-left corner of GUIDEcx.

  2. Click on the "+Add User" button

  3. Enter the new user's information (First Name, Last Name, Email)

  4. Select the user type you want to add the person as. (The dollar amount you see in yellow are how much it costs per month to add that type of user. Admin, Managers and Guides are paid licenses, while the rest are free)

  5. Click "Send Invite"

  6. An email will send directly to that user and prompt them to complete their GUIDEcx set up!

Best Practices

  • Any INTERNAL user you communicate with during the onboarding process should be added to GUIDEcx. This allows you to @mention them in project notes (which sends them an email that they can respond to without logging into GUIDEcx). For example, we like to invite our sales teams to their client's onboarding project so they can keep tabs on the project and jump in to collaborate if needed.

  • Do NOT create a generic user license. This causes confusion since you can't track who completed which tasks or who left which notes. It also leads to dirty data 🤮


How do I add a customer user?

You can add customers by following these steps!

Who should be an external user?

  • Customer (we recommend inviting 3+ customers to their onboarding project. They can be the executive sponsor, main point of contact, and a power user)

  • Third Party (usually users who aren't employed by your organization or the customer's organization)

Who should be an internal user?

  • Onboarding + Implementation teams (usually given a Guide or above license)

  • Sales team (usually given a contributor license)

  • Engineering team (usually given a free contributor license)

What if I have a lot of internal team members to upload to GUIDEcx?

No worries! We can add that list of team members for you! Chat into support and we can get you taken care of!

If I add my whole sales team to track their deals, do they have to log into GUIDEcx?

No! They can respond to any email, complete tasks, etc from their inbox. We recommend you at them so you can assign them tasks and @mention them in notes. If they aren't in the system then we have no way of tagging them in project notes.

Can I upgrade or downgrade licenses?

Yes, if you are an Admin or Manager.

Why am I getting an error when downgrading a user's license?

You might be unable to downgrade a user if the Archived Projects they are part of are still in an On Time status. Change those to Done or Cancelled and see if that addresses the error!

What does the "Available Licenses" mean?

GUIDEcx will give you a count of how many licenses you have left. For example, if I have 10 licenses then I can add up to 10 paid licenses before I purchase new ones! As you add new paid licenses to your instance you'll see that counter drop down!

What is a Paid License?

Paid licenses are the type of licenses where they cost money to use. Admin, Manager, and Guide Licenses are PAID licenses. Task Owners, Contributors, and Observers are all FREE licenses aka you can have as many free licenses as you want.

Who is normally a Contributor?

Sales reps, marketing teams, basically any internal team that may need to complete tasks or need to be reached out to via notes.

Who is normally a Task Owner?

Usually managers that need to create ad-hoc tasks to onboarding projects and then assign those out to their team are task owners.

Can I delete users?

We don't delete users, we just deactivate them. Learn more about this here!

Where do I go if I have questions related to my license costs?

Please contact your CSM. If you're not sure who that is, please chat in and we can help you find out!

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