Before Setting Up

The Slack integration requires the Premium or Enterprise package from GUIDEcx.

Just make sure that your company Slack account is set up before integrating with GUIDEcx!

Remember: Only admin users can set up integrations.

What Does the Slack Integration Do?

You can have project information (including milestones and task completion) update to a Slack channel or workspace of your choice. We typically recommend you create a new GUIDEcx channel, but if you have an existing channel, you can update to that channel.

How to Connect to GUIDEcx

1. In GUIDEcx, have an admin in your organization click on “Company Details” in the bottom-left corner. Then click “Integrations”, then “Connect Slack”.

2. The button will prompt you to sign into your Slack workspace.

3. Authorize the integration.

4. Configure your Slack notifications.

5. Your Slack notifications will push to your channel!

How to Uninstall the Slack Integration

Remove the Package from GUIDEcx

  1. Click on “Company Details”.

  2. Click on the “Integrations” section.

  3. Click on the "X" to disconnect and remove your Slack integration from GUIDEcx.

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