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CSAT Surveys

Milestone and Project Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys help you get a pulse on how your customer is feeling mid/post flight!

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Getting real time feedback from your customers is vital to knowing where to refine your OX (onboarding experience). With GUIDEcx you can send automatic milestone and project CSAT surveys to help you get a pulse on how your customers are doing mid, and post-flight.

Milestone CSAT provides you the opportunity to course correct and step in where necessary to ensure that your customers are having a great experience throughout the process. Project level CSAT gives you insight into how the customer is feeling immediately post onboarding, so that you can step in where necessary to ensure that they have the best possible experience.

In-App CSAT Pop-up

Email CSAT Request

Milestone Example:

Project Example:

User Access

Admins & Managers can add milestone CSAT surveys strategically on the template level and Admins can turn Project CSAT surveys on in Company Settings. Guides can only turn on milestone CSAT surveys in the Project Plan as needed. As for recipients, only customers invited to the project will receive CSAT surveys.

How to Turn Project Level CSAT Surveys ON/OFF


  2. Go to SETTINGS


  4. Toggle Project Level CSAT surveys ON/OFF

How to Turn Milestone Level CSAT Surveys ON/OFF:

  1. Click on any project

  2. Edit the milestone you'd like to collect feedback on

  3. Toggle "Send CSAT survey upon milestone completion" ON/OFF

Best Practices

  • You should collect CSAT surveys for every single onboarding project you conduct. For this we recommend utilizing Project CSAT surveys.

  • If you want to collect feedback after a milestone we recommend turning Milestone CSAT surveys ON at the template level. That way you don't need to toggle it on for every project you run. (You can always turn it off if needed)

  • Be sure to check out the responses under the Reporting tab to see what feedback you're getting!


Where can I see CSAT response?

To check the CSAT responses, go to the CSAT report. If the customer has responded the CSATs will show up here. If not then you know they have not responded to the survey!

You can be assured that surveys are going if CSAT is enabled for the milestone in the project or at the template level and for all projects if it's enabled in settings!
It usually takes 10 minutes after milestone or project completion for the CSAT to get triggered!

How are the CSAT survey response weighted?

  • Very Satisfied - 100%

  • Satisfied - 100%

  • Neutral - 0%

  • Unsatisfied - 0%

  • Very Unsatisfied - 0%

How will customers receive the CSAT survey?

Through an email and an in-app popup. If a user completes the survey via email, they will not be prompted again in the application. If a customer completes the survey in the application, the email link provided will still work, but a user will not be able to change their response.

How often will the customer see the CSAT survey?

Surveys only send one time, i.e. if a task is added after the milestone has been completed and the user has already seen the survey, they will not be shown/sent again. There is not a way to resend the survey at this time.

Who won't see the Milestone or Project CSAT survey?

For Milestone CSAT, customers who were not assigned a task in that milestone will not receive the survey, nor will participants in participant tasks and attendees on event tasks. Only the assignees of those task types will be asked for CSAT. All users on the project will receive the Project Level CSAT survey.

When do Milestone CSAT surveys show and who receive it?

The milestone CSAT survey will be sent via email and will show as a modal in GUIDEcx when that milestone is 100% complete. If the customer completes the last task in that milestone, then the modal will display immediately. If you complete the last task in the milestone, the customer will see the modal the next time they log into GUIDEcx. Only customers who have a task assigned in that milestone will receive a survey.

When does the Project CSAT survey show and who receives it?

The project CSAT survey will show up for the customer user once the assigned project manager has marked the project as complete - via email and in-app. All customers on the team tab will receive the CSAT survey.

Can I customize what the CSAT surveys ask?

No, not at this time.

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