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Multiple Task Functions - NEW
Multiple Task Functions - NEW

You can now add multiple Resource Management Functions to a single task to further pinpoint who should own a task!

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User Access: Admins and Managers can add/edit task functions on the template and project level. Guide and Task Owners can only add/edit task functions on the project level.

How to Assign Multiple Functions at the Project & Template Level:

  1. Ensure your functions are created in Resource Management and have people assigned to them.

  2. Add applicable functions to tasks on the template level. You can also do this on a per project level if needed. (Updating your templates will ensure every new project moving forward has the updates.)

Best Practices:

  • Assigning Multiple functions should really only be used if you need to be granular with your task assignment. For example, if you have a task that needs a Spanish speaking individual with technical abilities you would add the "Spanish-speaking" and "Backend Developer" function to that task. That way when you assign the task, the only people available to take that task will be those who have both functions.


  • Can I add functions in bulk to my tasks? Yes you can! Just click on BULK EDIT, then select the tasks you'd like to add the same function to!

  • Will adding these to my templates also reflect in my live projects? No it will not, it will only reflect on net-new projects.

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