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Template Analysis Dashboard
Template Analysis Dashboard

Template Analysis Report data can now be found within the template experience!

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The Template Analysis Dashboard helps users identify improvement areas in their templates so action can be taken when building to optimize performance. In addition to fields found in the Template Analysis Report, the Dashboard includes four new data fields:

  • Active: The number of times a template is being used in active projects. Active projects are those with an On-Time or Late status.

  • Template Completed Count: The number of times a template has been completed in projects in a Done status.

  • Expected Duration (Days): An estimation of duration based on the durations included in the tasks of the template. Calculations do not include weekends.

  • Average Duration (Days): The average duration it actually takes to complete or mark N/A on all the tasks in a template. Calculation does not include weekends.

User Access

Admin users can view the Template analysis dashboard.

Manager users can view the Template analysis dashboard.

Guide users can view the Template analysis dashboard.

Where do I find the Template Analysis Dashboard?

The new "Analysis" tab can be found within Templates > (Select Template) > Analysis.

Best Practices

  • Tasks with Instructions: In order to have internal and customer teams complete their assigned tasks you must leverage task instructions. This number should be no lower than 100%!

  • Tasks with Dependencies: Between 75-90% of tasks should have a milestone, task group, or task dependency. (This number fluctuates depending on how many tasks need to happen on day 1 of a new project!)

  • Expected Duration vs. Average Duration: Compare expected duration against average duration across completed templates to identify possible inefficiencies or improvement areas within individual templates.

Check out other best practices for Template Analysis fields here!


Will my dependencies ever show as 100%?

No. Because the first task of a template cannot have a dependency, your template will never show as having 100% for tasks with dependencies.
If you have 20 tasks in your template, 19 of them can have dependencies. In that case it will show 95%.

Can this show data across multiple templates?

The Template Analysis in this screen is specific to the template that you are viewing, but you can check out the Template Analysis Report if you want to look at information across multiple templates

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