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Template Analysis Report

Want to know where to improve your template? Look no further!

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This report is found within the template experience, so now as you build you can get real time analysis of what your template needs.

User Access

Admin and Managers have unrestricted views for all reports. Guides, Task Owners, and Contributors can access this report, but they cannot drill down and go to the template.

Understanding the Template Analysis Report


Ideally between 75-90% of tasks should have a milestone, task group, or task dependency. This number fluctuates depending on how many tasks need to happen on day 1 of a new project!


In order to have internal and customer teams complete their assigned tasks you must leverage task instructions. This number should be no lower than 100%!


In order to properly forecast how long a template will take you need to assign Task Durations to every task. 100% of tasks should have durations '1+'

Level of Effort

Imagine a world where when you are assigned a task you know how long it should take you aka how much effort you'll have to invest into completing this task. That's where Estimated Hours come in. 100% of tasks should have estimated hours.

Template Duration

This chart will show you what the Total Duration of your template is in business days.

Project Intro

This chart will show you whether you have an Experience Overview or not. Green check means yes, Red 'X' means it's missing one.

Best Practices

  • Available filters are Template Name, Responsibility, and Template Published.

  • Use the Template Name filter to isolate your view to one template and identify what parts of the template need improvement!

  • In the chart below the cards you'll see a list of all tasks in all templates (unless you're filtering by a specific template). Anything highlighted in red means it needs improvement.


Why can't I get my "Automated" percent to 100%?

Since the first task of any template can't have a dependency you'll never get to 100%, but you can get pretty close!

Can I export this data and share it with non-GUIDEcx users?

Can I drill down into the specifics of each visualization?

Yes you can for most! If you see your cursor turn into a pointed finger, then you can drill down! Simply click into the data you want to explore and it will take you to the information you are looking for.

I applied filters, but the data displayed is still the same.

Try refreshing your page, if that doesn't work then clear the cache and refresh after applying filter! See screenshot below:

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