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How do I ask my team to complete Trailhead?
How do I ask my team to complete Trailhead?

Here's a little help from us to you to get your team ready for GUIDEcamp!

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It's important that your team understands how to use GUIDEcx. I like to think of it like a chainsaw. If you want the maximum value then it's worth checking out the instruction manual. That's what Trailhead is. It's a 30 minute training course (15 minutes if you watch it in 2x speed) that will help your team understand basics and best practices.

We wanted to write up a quick article on ways you can ask your team to complete Trailhead so here it goes!

What to Say

Sample Message

Here's a sample message you can share with your team on your internal messaging tool (like Slack, Teams, Google Chat, email, etc). Feel free to tweak as needed!

Hey everyone! We just purchased this awesome new onboarding tool called GUIDEcx that will help us work better together with our customers. In order to feel comfortable and confident using this new tool they will be doing live training sessions with us. However, before we can do that we need to complete this 30 minute Trailhead training.

Important Notes:

  • Please go do the Trailhead course before the end of next week!

  • If you have issues logging in, please let me know!

How to say it

A few things to remember:

  • It's normal to be nervous

  • Remember to highlight "The Why." Most people won't do an online course, but if you help them understand that it will help them be better at their job then they're more likely to do it!

  • Remember "The How." Your team may get excited to do the training, but if you don't share how to get there, then that excitement may dissipate quickly.

  • Share "The When." People love deadlines. If you don't tell them when they need to get it done by, they will most likely never do it.

How to Track Who's Completed Trailhead

You may be interested in tracking who's completed Trailhead and who hasn't. If you're interested, here's something you can do to track your team's progress:

  1. Create an internal GUIDEcx Project (skip template selection).

  2. Create a Milestone

  3. Create a Participant Task, name it "Complete Trailhead". More on Participant Tasks here.

  4. Add Participant instructions with the message above. You may want to add instructions that they upload their certificate as proof and then mark their portion as done when they've completed it.

  5. Invite all users to the Trailhead Task.

  6. Save the task

  7. Send the Participant Instructions!

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