Our live training sessions for new companies as for June 2023.

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A Note From Your GUIDEcx Live Training Guides

Getting your team as excited as you are for tool can be daunting. We are here to support you through this journey, helping you and your team feel confident in navigating your new onboarding tool!

What is GUIDEcamp?

GUIDEcamp is what we call our live 60 minute training sessions with our expert Training Guides. Your team will receive 2 live sessions where we'll help them understand how to deliver your onboarding experience with GUIDEcx.

By the end of the two training sessions your team should be confident and comfortable with:

  • Understanding how GUIDEcx works

  • Engaging customers according to GUIDEcx Best Practices

  • Navigating the tool

  • Delivering an amazing customer onboarding experience with GUIDEcx

Who should attend GUIDEcamp?

GUIDEcamp is open to any GUIDEcx user, but we recommend that you invite users that have paid licenses (Admin, Managers, and Guides). The training content is geared towards users who will be using GUIDEcx day-to-day.

Don't forget to invite your team upon receipt of Calendar invite!

When is GUIDEcamp?

We like to schedule GUIDEcamp Day 1 when you've completed your template build. GUIDEcamp Day 2 is usually scheduled same week just a couple days after the first session.

What is covered in GUIDEcamp?

Each day is 60 minutes of instructor-led content.

Day 1

We will walk through the Best Practices of Project Setup and general Project Maneuverability. Your team should come prepared to participate in discussions and activities that will help them to feel confident manipulating the tool.

Day 2

We will walk through the Best Practices of Customer Engagement & Managing your daily workflow. Your team should come prepared to participate in discussions and activities that will help them to feel confident knowing what paths to take to get their job done efficiently. Ideally, both GUIDEcamp days will occur during the same week in order to keep you on schedule to invite your first customer!

What if someone can't make both sessions?

All sessions are recorded for your reference. These individuals are encouraged to send in questions with any team members who will be in attendance to make sure topics they are interested in are covered. Great questions will come from completing the online course and getting hands in the tool

How can I prepare my team for GUIDEcamp?

Please have them complete the online Trailhead course. It's 30 minutes and it will help them get more out of the live training session! If you would like help on tracking who's completed the training, check out this article.

My team is out of onboarding, do I get GUIDEcamp days?

No, but you can get instructor-led trainings by utilizing your GUIDEhours. Contact your CSM to get your GUIDEhours set up! If you don't know who your CSM is, you can chat in and we can help you!

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