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Jira Time Tracking Sync
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Using these Jira Time Tracking Sync recipes you can now have a bi-directional sync between GUIDEcx and Jira for Time worked on a Task!

Features of the GUIDEcx/Jira bi-directional time tracking integration

When a time tracking entry is made on "GUIDEcx" tagged issue in Jira, the following immediately syncs from Jira to GUIDEcx:

  • The amount of time worked

  • Date worked

  • Comment

  • The person who worked the time, which is selected with the following priority:

    • If the user in Jira who entered the time has an email-matching user in GUIDEcx, who also is currently on the GUIDEcx project, that user is selected as the user who worked the time

    • Else use the GUIDEcx task assignee

    • Else if the task is unassigned, use the GUIDEcx project manager.

When a "Sync to Jira" task in GUIDEcx is updated to Done, the following syncs from GUIDEcx to Jira:

  • If the GUIDEcx task has more time on it than the Jira issue, a single time entry is made in Jira such that both systems show the same total time

  • The current date is used for the time entry in Jira

  • No comment is added

Integration Setup

Download the two required recipes

From within Recipe Builder, navigate to Community > Recipes > search for 'GUIDEcx' > download the following two recipes:

  • Sync Time Tracking (GUIDEcx to Jira)

  • Sync Time Tracking (Jira to GUIDEcx)

Add a Property to hold your GUIDEcx API key

  1. From within GUIDEcx click on "Open API" tab and copy your organization token to the clipboard

  2. Next click on Marketplace > Properties > Add New Property

  3. Give your property a name such as 'myOrgName.guidecx.api.key', and paste the organization token into the Value column.

Configure the recipes

Configure "Sync Time Tracking (GUIDEcx to Jira)"

  1. Click 'Edit Recipe' then click on the "Retrieve Total Time on GUIDEcx Task" action

  2. Click within the GUIDECX_API_TOKEN field. You'll see the Recipe Data window appear. From within the window, click Properties (at the top) then scroll down and click on the environmental property that holds your API key. The Datapill will be added to the field.

  3. At the top-right click Save then Exit.

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Configure "Sync Time Tracking (Jira to GUIDEcx)

  1. To sync time entries from Jira, you'll need to create a Webhook in Jira. The URL you will paste into Jira is found within the trigger step of the "Sync Time Tracking (Jira to GUIDEcx)" recipe.

  2. Click on the trigger step and copy the "Endpoint URL" to the clipboard

  3. At the top-right click Save, then Exit


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Create the Webhook in Jira

  1. Log into your Jira environment.

  2. Click the gear "Settings" icon on the top-right and select System

  3. On the left scroll down to Webhooks

  4. Click 'Create a WebHook', and enter the following properties:

    • Name: Sync Jira Time Tracking to GUIDEcx

    • URL: paste the URL you copied from the recipe

    • In the box below "Issue related events" enter:

      • labels = GUIDEcx OR labels = GuideCX

  5. Check the three Worklog events (created, updated, deleted)

  6. Scroll to the bottom and click "Create"

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Start the recipes!

From within Recipe Builder click the 3-dot menu to the right of each recipe and select "Start Recipe". The integration is now live.

Perform a test of the Integration

  1. Create a task in a GUIDEcx project. Within the task, set "Sync to Jira" to ON.

  2. Add a 1 hour time tracking entry in GUIDEcx, by clicking "Add Time" from within the task

    • You will not see that entry sync to Jira. This is as expected.

  3. Add a 2 hour time tracking worklog to the corresponding issue in Jira.

    • You will see that entry immediately sync to the task in GUIDEcx.

    • At this point you should see 3 hours in GUIDEcx and 2 hours in Jira

  4. Update the GUIDEcx task status to Done.

    • You will see a 1 hour entry added to the issue in Jira.

    • At this point you should see 3 hours in GUIDEcx and 3 hours in Jira

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