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Post Microsoft Teams Message for GUIDEcx Task Assignment Recipe
Post Microsoft Teams Message for GUIDEcx Task Assignment Recipe

Notify team members of GUIDEcx Task Assignments in Microsoft Teams

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Recipe Overview

When a GUIDEcx task is assigned, this recipe will share the details of the task with the assignee as a direct message in Microsoft Teams.

Note: The message generated by this recipe has a dropdown containing task status options. To be able to update the task from the message, you will need to install the Update GUIDEcx Task Status from Microsoft Teams recipe.

Integration Setup

Installing the Recipe

Prerequisites: Workbot installed in your Microsoft Teams instance (installing workbot requires Application Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, Global Administrator, or Privileged Role Administrator permissions in Microsoft Teams). See this article for more information on Workbot.

Follow the steps outlined in the video below to install the recipe:

Starting the Recipe

From within Recipe Builder, click the 3-dot menu to the right of each of the three recipes and select "Start Recipe".

Recipe Testing

Note: For this recipe to work properly, users in GUIDEcx will need to use the same email address as their Microsoft Teams account.

Follow these steps to test the recipe:

  1. Assign a task to a user who has an account in your Microsoft Teams Instance.

    1. The user with that email address should receive a direct message from Workbot with the task details, including the Name of the Task, The Description, and the Due Date.


Do the messages display the values of the merge tag?

At this time, the description of the tasks will only display the name of the custom field and not the values when posting to Teams.

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