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The integration between GUIDEcx and Microsoft Teams enables collaboration with your internal teams within GUIDEcx and Microsoft Teams, reducing the risk of change management for organizations already using Teams as their collaboration tool.

When a project note is added in GUIDEcx that is public or contains #teams, Workbot will share the content of the note as a message to the configured Teams channel. Teams users with access to the channel can then respond via Workbot, where messages will be posted to the Project Notes as the PM.

Additionally, GUIDEcx users can be mapped to Teams accounts to allow for task assignment messages to send via Teams direct messages. There users can update the task status.

Understanding the GUIDEcx/Teams Integration

The GUIDEcx/Teams integration consists of 4 recipes.

The Sync GUIDEcx Note to Microsoft Teams Message recipe shares the GUIDEcx note to Microsoft Teams. The Sync Microsoft Teams Message to GUIDEcx Note recipe shares replies made with Workbot in Microsoft Teams to GUIDEcx.

The Post Microsoft Teams Message for GUIDEcx Task Assignment recipe sends the Task Name, Task Description, Task Due Date, and a Status Dropdown to the assignee as a direct message in Microsoft Teams when the task is assigned.

When the Status Dropdown get's updated, the Update GUIDEcx task status from Microsoft Teams recipe will update the task to match the selected status. Allowing users to work entirely out of Microsoft Teams if desired.

Setting Up the Microsoft Teams Integration

Follow these steps to set up the Microsoft Teams integration in Recipe Builder

  1. Install Workbot in your Microsoft Teams Environment refer to this article for more information.

    1. Log into Microsoft Teams.

    2. Search for "Workbot" in the top search bar.

    3. Select "Workbot" from the results.

    4. Click the Add button.

  2. Install the Recipes.
    In the recipes tab, search for the following recipes by name and hit enter to return the search results by recipe instead of application.

    1. Workbot for Microsoft Teams uses Microsoft SSO, users will need Application Administrator, Cloud Application Administrator, Global Administrator, or Privileged Role Administrator permissions to connect.

  3. Set up the Recipes.
    Refer to the individual articles for instructions on how to set up the recipes:


How can I adjust the messages that are automatically generated?

How do I change the channel messages post to?

The recipe allows you to select which channel you would like to work with as part of the second step. This can be automatically associated with a dynamic variable if you have a channel per onboarding project.

Do the messages display the values of the merge tag?

At this time, the description of the tasks will only display the name of the custom field and not the values when posting to Teams.

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