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AI Chat for Natural Language Queries

Artificial Intelligence for natural language query and generation to talk to your data and have it talk back with simple written answers

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Ask your data anything

Get an actionable pulse on project health and the metrics that matter most with ease. Ask questions and gain contextual, personalized insights from your data with both narrative and visual responses. Natural language processing and generation lets you use plain english questions to query data in GUIDEcx BI.

Getting Started

If you do not see the AI chat button in the top left of secondary menu in the reports tab, you might not have the proper permissions to access it. Contact your admin users to promote you. That is done by clicking Admin even higher in the top left of that secondary menu above the report list. Then click on the "People" option in the "Governance" section.

Select any user(s) that need to be updated and click the pencil edit icon in the top blue header.

Click edit in the "Company Details" section and expand the drop-down for role. Change the user to "AI" or "Admin" to give access to AI chat and generative AI for dashboards.

If you are already an admin, contact your CSM to activate the AI feature trial.

Once the features have been activated and the roles have been set, you can simply click on the AI Chat button in the top left to get started.

That triggers the right pane to slide out for the AI chat conversation.

At the bottom right, preliminary example prompts are provided based on the datasets that power the current dashboard you are viewing. Choose from provided prompt or type your own prompt.

If you would rather shift the AI focus to a different dataset or a subset of rows from a specific chart, click the "Focus" option in the bottom left below the prompt input box.

Suggested prompts will be shown based on the data with the strongest relationships and correlations in your focus. They are shown in sets because each question usually builds upon each other as you drill through deeper granularity. Responses usually only take a few seconds to process. They are shown with a plain written response but are also supported by a summary visualization.

First prompt

To gain confidence in the accuracy of the response, you can also click "Show SQL Editor" in the bottom right corner of the response. That will show the exact query the AI automatically created for you. You can make changes here if you want to expand the limit of top rows or the sort in the "Order By" function. Then you can click the triangle button in the bottom right to render the new answer.

SQL Editor

One of the most popular sets of prompts will drill from top items, to duration averages, and finally all the way to to shared characteristics of the most delayed work.

Related prompt

This can lead you to powerful insights in keeping delivery on time, improving satisfaction, and balancing assignments.


Q: Will GUIDEcx BI train on my data?
A: No we will not train on your data. Some of our features will request your feedback to improve the quality of our AI, but we will never train on customer data.

Q: Can AI build a chart if I tell AI what I need to be in the chart?
A: Yes AI can. Use AI Chat or AI App Generation and tell AI how to build the chart.

Q: When using GUIDEcx BI, does the AI work on specific datasets, or can it query across multiple datasets to find the answer? How does it know which dataset to pull from?
A: We can specify specific datasets to use in the "focus" section. We use what you are looking at to determine the datasets to use for chat. We use AI and column names to find the best datasets. Right now AI will only use 1 dataset to find the answer (multiple datasets on the roadmap).

Q: What's the best way to present these AI abilities to non-technical executives and sales leaders at my company to prove its value?
A: AI Chat is a great place to start. AI Chat shows how quickly we can gain insights into your data.

Q: Can I ask the AI in GUIDEcx BI questions about any dataset or page?
A: Yes, Domo.AI Chat knows what dataset or page you are looking at or you can manually add additional focus items. All Domo.AI functions take into account your Domo permissions. If you do not have permissions to a dataset or page you will not be able to use Domo.AI Chat with it.

Q. How is our data protected?
A. Protecting the privacy and security of your data is of the utmost importance to us. We have implemented robust data governance and security measures, including encryption, access controls, regular audits, and continuous monitoring, to safeguard your information. Data in GUIDEcx BI is compliant with all applicable data protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA. Your data is handled with the highest standards of care as per the leading security frameworks and standards such as SOC 2 and HITRUST.

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