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Generative AI for Dashboard Creation

Artificial Intelligence for natural language queries and dashboard generation

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AI analytics features can be accessed in GUIDEcx BI for organizations who have upgraded from the view experience of Report Navigator to the edit experience of Report Builder. For now, generative AI is limited to Report Builder users with the Admin role:

Choose the "Reports" option in the main navigation. Then click "Manage Dashboards" in the bottom-left to create a new page. Generative AI primarily appears on blank new dashboards where nothing has been manually added yet.

Click "Add a Dashboard" in the bottom of the pop-up

Name the new dashboard and click "Save"

Navigate to that new dashboard in the left menu

Select a dataset from for the AI prompt to focus on

Choose from one of the example prompts or type in a custom one in the box

GUIDEcx BI will check the permissions, columns, policies, correlations, & highlights.

Those will all be visualized and validated for you in a example dashboard over the course of the next minute. You can deselect any chart that you feel is irrelevant.

Create a dashboard from charts created by this generative AI by clicking the option in the bottom right.

Your formerly blank page that used to display the AI prompt will now be populated with all these automatic charts so you can refine the layout, names, and define the rest with drag and drop as you normally would with Report Builder.

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