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Google Forms Integration Recipes

Learn what the pre-built Google Forms recipes do.

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The integration between GUIDEcx and Google Forms enables the storage of form responses in GUIDEcx as an internal note and the automation of task statuses when a Google Form has been submitted by the assignee of a task.

When a GUIDEcx project is created, the integration creates a project-specific Google Forms link and adds it to a Merge Tag configured in Recipe Builder.

When the assignee receives the task assignment email from GUIDEcx, clicks the link, and fills out the form, the integration will automatically update the task status and add the form responses to the task or project as an internal-only note.

Understanding the GUIDEcx/Google Forms Integration

The GUIDEcx/Google Forms integration consists of 2 recipes.

The Create Google Form URL for GUIDEcx recipe updates a custom merge tag to include the link to a pre-filled google form that adds the Project ID as a response to a question.

The Import Google Form Response to GUIDEcx recipe adds the responses as an internal note and updates tasks within the project as configured.

Setting Up the Google Forms Integration

Note: The recipes used in this integration do not actually use the Google Forms connector in Recipe Builder. One uses the Google Sheets Connector, and the other only performs actions in GUIDEcx using the GUIDEcx Connector.

Follow these steps to set up the Google Forms Integration in Recipe Builder.

  1. Install the Recipes.
    In the recipes tab, search for the following recipes by name and hit enter to return the search results by recipe instead of application.

    • Create Google Form URL for GUIDEcx

    • Import Google Form Response to GUIDEcx

    1. Google Sheets Uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate.

  2. Set up the Recipes.
    Refer to the individual articles for instructions on how to set up the recipes:

Setting up your Google Form for Use in the Recipes

For the recipes to work correctly, the Google form should include a field for the GUIDEcx Project ID and have the responses stored in a google sheet.

Follow these steps to ensure your Google Form is set up for use with the GUIDEcx Recipes.

    1. Add a short-text question to your google form for GUIDEcx Project ID.

    2. We recommend including a description informing the assignee that they don't need to edit the response.

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