OpenAI(ChatGPT) Integration Recipes

Generate or Translate task instructions with OpenAI's ChatGPT.

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These Recipes integrate GUIDEcx and OpenAI to enable the generation and/or the translation of GUIDEcx task instructions. When a keyword is added to a task's title, these recipes will generate task instructions or translate these recipes will generate task instructions or translate the existing instructions into the selected language.

User Access

Only Admins can access and manage Recipe Builder.

Admins, Managers, Guides, and Task Owners can trigger the recipe to run by including a prompt in the task title and text on which they would like to take action in the task instructions.

Contributors, Customers, and third-party users will see the results in the task instructions.

Understanding the GUIDEcx/OpenAI Integration

The GUIDEcx/OpenAI integration consists of 2 recipes.

The Complete GUIDEcx Task Instructions with ChatGPT recipe runs when a task's name contains the text [GENERATE] and will use the task description as a ChatGPT prompt. It will then replace the task description with the response and remove [GENERATE] from the task name.

The Translate GUIDEcx Task Instructions with ChatGPT recipe runs when a task's name contains the text [TRANSLATE]. It will translate the task description using OpenAI and remove [TRANSLATE] from the task name.

Note: These recipes leverage tokens in OpenAI, which incur a cost. You can manage the tokens allocated to each call as part of the recipe configuration (Step 3 for both recipes).

Setting Up the OpenAI Integration

Follow these steps to set up the OpenAI integration in Recipe Builder

  1. In your OpenAI account settings, generate an API key and copy your Org ID.

  2. Install the Recipes.
    In the recipes tab, search for the following recipes by name and hit enter to return the search results by recipe instead of by application.

    1. The OpenAI Connector uses an API Key to authenticate. You can find your API Key for OpenAI here.

    2. The Organization ID is used for accounts that may belong to multiple organizations, they can be found here.

  3. Set up the Recipes.
    Refer to the individual articles for instructions on how to set up the recipes:

Note: While OpenAI is good for setting a baseline for text. We always recommend that you review what is generated to ensure it is accurate and complete.

We also recommend that you be deliberate about the data you pass into the API, and specifically avoid sending sensitive or protected information.


Can I extend these recipes to other Open AI integrations?

Yes. These recipes show the basic model for working with the Open AI API and can be extended for other use cases and functionality.

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