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Complete GUIDEcx Task Instructions with ChatGPT Recipe
Complete GUIDEcx Task Instructions with ChatGPT Recipe
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Recipe Overview

The Complete GUIDEcx Task Instructions with ChatGPT recipe runs when a task's name contains the text [GENERATE] and will use the task description as a ChatGPT prompt. It will then replace the task description with the response and remove [GENERATE] from the task name.

Note: This recipe leverages tokens in OpenAI, which incur a cost. You can manage the tokens allocated to each call in Step 3 of the recipe.

Integration Setup

Installing the Recipe

Prerequisites: An OpenAI account.

  1. Install the Recipe.
    In the "Community" tab, select the "OpenAI" application to explore associated recipes.

    • Choose the "Complete GUIDEcx Task Instructions with ChatGPT" recipe

    • Click "Use this Recipe"

    • Save the recipe to the project of your choosing

    1. The OpenAI Connector uses an API Key to authenticate. You can find your API Key for OpenAI here.

    2. The Organization ID is used for accounts that may belong to multiple organizations, they can be found here.

➡️ Check out this video to see how you install a recipe from the Community:

Configuring Individual Steps

By default, the recipe limits the maximum tokens used to 1000. This can be customized in Step 3 (Send Text Prompt in OpenAI) of the recipe.

Follow these steps to change the limit:

  1. Click on the Action

  2. In the configuration pane, under the setup tab, enter the limit in the Maximum tokens field.

Screenshot of the setup tab of Step 3. With Maximum tokens set to 1000.

Step 5 (Create Task Note in GUIDEcx)

Step 5 of the recipe adds an internal note to the task indicating that the task instructions have been generated using Open AI. This will be posted as the user with the email address provided.

Follow these steps to provide the User Email that will be used by the recipe to post the note:

  1. Click on the Action.

  2. In the configuration pane, under the setup tab, scroll down to the Input section.

  3. Under data enter the email address of the account you want posting the notes in the User Email Field.

Starting the Recipe

From within Recipe Builder, click the 3-dot menu to the right of each of the three recipes and select "Start Recipe". The integration is now live.

Recipe Testing

Follow these steps to test the recipe:

  1. Enter your prompt for OpenAI as the task description, for example, "You are a project manager, please generate task instructions for a customer on how to upload documents to a shared google drive folder with the provided link. With a character-count limit of 250 characters."

  2. Add the text "[Generate]" to the title of a task and save it.

    1. The Recipe should run.

    2. The prompt word should be removed from the title.

    3. The description should be translated to the new language.

    4. An Internal Task Note Should Be Added saying, "The task instructions have been auto-generated using Open AI."

Note: While OpenAI is good for setting a baseline for text. We always recommend that you review what is generate to ensure it is accurate and complete.

We also recommend that you be deliberate about the data you pass into the API, and specifically avoid sending sensitive or protected information.


Can I extend these recipes to other Open AI integrations?

Yes. These recipes show the basic model for working with the Open AI API and can be extended for other use cases and functionality.

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