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Secure Links

This is what we call our log-in-less experience

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What Are Secure Links?

Secure Links are temporary working links that allow access to GUIDEcx projects. Every email that sends out to customer team members will have a button that prompts them to
"View the Project" and when pressed will take them to their project with no log-in required!

Benefits of Secure Links

  • Reduces friction for customers wanting to access their GUIDEcx onboarding project.​

    • Users don’t have to register or log in to GUIDEcx

    • No need for the customer to remember a username or password.

  • Better experience for customers​. Traditional tools require a sign-in, however, that is not the case with GUIDEcx.

How Do Secure Links Work?


By default Secure Links are turned on, but there is a setting Admins can turn it off if they prefer.

  1. Navigate to Company Details

  2. Settings

  3. Scroll down to the Authentication Section

  4. Toggle Secure Link Log In on/off

Note: If you turn this off, then customers and third-party members will be required to create an account and log in.

Invite Customers

The second step is to invite customers to their onboarding project. When you add them to their GUIDEcx project, this is what happens:

  1. The customer receives an email with secure links embedded in various buttons and links.

  2. The customer gains instant access to the project in GUIDEcx.​

Best Practices

Emails containing Secure Links should NEVER be forwarded or shared. Sharing a Secure Link would be like sharing your Username and Password.

Note: The Secure Link can only be active in one browser at a time. If another user has activated your Secure Link in their Browser, they will have access to your account and you will not be able to use Secure Links to log in to GUIDEcx until that has been resolved.


Why does it show that my customer hasn't accepted their invite?

The project team will show that a user has NOT accepted the invite unless they register their user. If you are utilizing secure links or the customer is interacting with the project via email they do not need to register their user.

Are attachments links also secure links?


If you are sending a task assignment email or note with an attachment in it, it will give a direct link to the attachment. However, that link is NOT a secure link, so if the user has not clicked on a different link in the email (such as project link, the "view attachments", or view notes, etc) first, or doesn't have a cookie in their browser from a previous access, they will get an access error.
A user must first be signed into GUIDEcx via secure link or regular sign in in order to access an attachment via the attachment link in the GUIDEcx emails.

How can I send a convenient link to the customer for their project which will allow them to access the project without having to log in?

Anytime you @mention the customer in the project notes or whenever they get a task assignment email there's a link in those emails that allows the customer to access their project without logging in. However, if you send them the URL to their project and if they've accessed the project within 2 weeks they will not need to log in!

My customer is getting an error that says that their link is expired and it keeps saying it'll send a new one, but the new one is also expired. What do I do?

This can happen when you invite a customer to a project and they receive a task assignment email. What is happening is new secure links void old secure links. So chances are your customer is requesting a new secure link, and they click on an older one which then voids the new one. Confusing I know. Read on to see how to help them!

What you can do to help them get out of this email loop is @mention them in your project. This will generate an email that looks very different than the new request. Once you @mention them in the project notes, they can click on the "View Project" button and gain access to their project!

Do Secure Links Expire?

When a customer receives a secure link in their email inbox, they have 3 days to click the link. If they have used the link within that 3-day time period, they can reuse the same link for 2 weeks. However, if they do not click on the link within 3 days then the initial link will expire, but the user can easily request a new one.​

Do Secure Links use cookies?

Yes. When a secure link is used, there is a cookie placed in the customer's browser that is good for 2 weeks!

Can my customers still create an account if they would like to?

Yes! A user who has only been using Secure Links and hasn’t registered for GUIDEcx can still add a password to and update their GUIDEcx account.

To do this:

  1. Click the secure link in the email. This will take you into GUIDEcx.

  2. On the left-hand side, click the 3 "dots" located next to GUIDEcx font.

  3. Click “Profile Settings”.

  4. A page will come up that allows you to customize your experience by adding additional details, (such as a profile picture) creating or updating a password, and customize notifications received.

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