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Your Customer's Onboarding Experience

Meet customers where they're at with different onboarding experiences powered by GUIDEcx.

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Exploring the Different Experiences GUIDEcx Offers

At GUIDEcx, we understand that a customer's level of engagement is what will make or break your customer's onboarding experience. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to meet your customer’s needs across web, mobile, email, and even our proprietary Compass platform.

Web Platform

Our web platform allows customers to easily navigate your onboarding experience and engage along the way, all without having to log in. Learn more about how it works here.

Email Only

Customers who just want to be told when and how to complete a task without navigating a new platform can easily engage in their onboarding project from their email. Learn more about how our email experience works here.

Mobile App

For a more on-the-go experience, our mobile app is designed to have a familiar look and feel that customers have come to expect. If you'd like you can have your customers download the mobile app on any device. This experience does require login. Learn more here.


Finally, our Compass platform provides customers a login-less and easy-to-use interface. We all know a lost customer is a lost deal, so give them a compass so they can navigate their onboarding project easier than ever. Learn more here.

Learn more about the login-less experience that we call Secure Links.

What notifications will my customer get?

To edit what notifications your customers get - check this article out.

Experience Overview

When team members are invited to a project they will receive an email that looks like the below email. This email will pull the project name and the experience overview from the primary template you selected during the create project workflow. The "From" address on this email will be the project manager's name and email, allowing your customer to immediately know that this email is from your organization.

Project Overview Email

To learn about the Project Overview, click here.

Each week on Monday morning, GUIDEcx will automatically send all team members an email detailing the current progress of the project. This email pulls info from the project overview screen and includes project start/end dates, the names of your project teammates, and a summary of how many tasks are done or still outstanding. This email will also come "From" the project manager's name and email. Project managers also have the ability to personalize this email with a note.

Note: If the project status is moved to "Cancelled", the project team will stop receiving project updates. If the project status is moved to "Done", this project status email will send one final time to all project team members upon status change to "Done".

Consolidated Project Overviews

If your customer happens to be invited to more than one active project, they are sent an email with consolidated project overviews where each row is clickable and guides the user to the corresponding project.

Task Assignment Email

GUIDEcx automatically consolidates all the tasks a user is assigned that have no dependencies or satisfied dependencies into one email that is sent out within 10 minutes of assignments being made. If the task is not active because a dependency hasn’t been met, the email will not be sent out.

If you'd like to notify a user immediately after you have assigned a task but the task has an unmet dependency, tag them in a note using the “@” sign within the notes on the task. An immediate notification will be sent to them guiding them to that specific task.

The Task Assignment email contains the following:

  • Project name

  • Task name

  • Task instructions

  • Due date

  • Attachments (If applicable)

  • Ability to update the task status

Below is an example of the email your customer, internal, or third party user will receive when they are assigned tasks in a project.

This email will look like it’s coming from the project manager's name and email.

Task Due Date Reminder Email

One day prior to a task's due date, that task assignee will receive an email reminding them of their soon-to-be-due task. This task, similar to the task assignment email, will include the task name, instructions, attachments (if any), and the ability for the user to update the task status straight from their inbox.

This email will look like it’s coming from the project manager's name and email.

Note: Overdue tasks are also shown on the project overview email.

@Mention Emails

In the notes section of a task and project you are able to @ mention project team members, allowing for better collaboration. When you mention a customer they will be emailed notifying them that they were mentioned in a task or project. This email will include the message and a link to jump right into the system to respond. This email will be "from"


At GUIDEcx, we believe in meeting your customer’s needs anywhere and at anytime. That’s why we offer a variety of different ways to meet their needs across web, mobile, email, and our Compass platform.

We are dedicated to providing a great customer experience, and with our various platforms we make sure your customer’s have access to the best experience possible.

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