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The GUIDEcx mobile app is great for when you’re working from home, on the go, or if you miss a notification from your computer. It’s easy to update tasks, make notes, change statuses, and more!

4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your New App

  1. Update your mobile notification settings within the web-app ( by clicking on the three-dot menu next to your company name in the navigation rail. Select Profile Settings > Notifications.

2. Create saved project and task filters in the web app so that they can be accessed via your mobile app.

3. Be sure to "Allow Push Notifications" when prompted after login to the app, so you can drill down into time sensitive action items via push alerts. Get notified when a task status is updated to stay informed on project progress, see when a user leaves a new task or project note, and more!

4. Utilize the "Notes Digest" view to see all communication in one place. All project and task notes are posted in chronological order, grouped by project, making it easy for you to catch up and take quick action.


Does the mobile app have all the same functionality as the web app?

The GUIDEcx mobile app focuses on task & project management and communication between stakeholders. Users can quickly access and edit tasks, projects, and notes. Admin functionality, reporting, time tracking & resource management are not currently available in the mobile app.

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