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Vanity URLs

White-label GUIDEcx URLs through inclusion of you company domain.

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Vanity URLs enhance the current white label experience, allowing you to add your company domain to any associated GUIDEcx URL.

User Access

Admins should reach out to their CSM, or the CSM team at to override the default subdomain.

If you're still in the onboarding process, this will be configured by default during onboarding for all providers.


What if a customer clicks on an old URL?

If users go to the old URL of, they will be redirected to your specific subdomain without interrupting their experience.

How will the vanity URL be displayed?

In this format: (i.e.

Where will the vanity URL be displayed?

It will display for every project such as:

  • GUIDEcx app

  • Customer Engagement Portal aka Compass

  • Links sent via emails from GUIDEcx (These links will direct users back into the application using the vanity URL)

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