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2024 Release Notes πŸŽ‰
2024 Release Notes πŸŽ‰

Read more about the features released in 2024

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Default Plan View

"List View", our most performant view, is now the default project plan view. If you love Board or Gantt view, do not worry! GUIDEcx will remember your most recently used view, and apply that view when opening projects moving forward.

Project Table Updates

  1. Bulk Actions: bulk delete and bulk reassign projects from the project table

  2. Notes Column: access project notes directly from the project table

  3. Column Resizing: drag columns to adjust width

Template Table Refresh

In a continued effort to make the application more performant, the new β€œtable” layout seen in the project table will be applied to the Templates page. You will be able to:

  • Horizontal scroll

  • Add or remove columns using the "Columns" dropdown menu

  • Drag & drop columns to reorder

  • Search templates, now including the "description" field

Standard Reports Migration

To improve report load times and allow for more filter options, we've migrated all standard reports to a new reporting platform. Reports scheduled for delivery through email will continue. New requests for scheduled email reports will be possible late February. The team is also working on converting custom reports.


SMS Notifications

Built with customer engagement in mind, users who opt-in will receive a text message when:

  • assigned a task

  • a task is due (reminder)

  • mentioned in a project or task note

Learn how to opt-in to SMS notifications + why you should use SMS in conjunction with "Compass View" here!


Support Ticket Portal

Ticket Portal allows you to see and track support tickets submitted by you, or team members at your company. In addition to details of the ticket, you can also see (and join) any associated conversations.

To access this, go to and click "Ticket Portal" at the top of the page.

➑️ Learn more here.

Vanity URLs

In an effort to provide your customers with a seamless onboarding experience tied to your brand, Vanity URLs will be implemented for all instances on March 14 at 4pm MDT. ​

What does this mean? Your company domain will be added to all URLs associated with GUIDEcx:​

If you'd like to adjust your Vanity URL once live, please submit a request to your CSM! ➑️ Learn more here.

Report Builder

Expand beyond the standard, view-only reports in Report Navigator to customize layouts and create cards in your own analytics environment. Drag and drop from the hundreds of charts in our library, or define totally new visualizations from scratch. Plus, transform GUIDEcx data by combining it with connections to any system that you use.

Report builder is an add-on feature. Reach out to your CSM to learn more!


Unlock the flexibility to build unique workspaces for teams, brands, territories, testing, and more, within one GUIDEcx instance.

Control access to each workspace. Only designated users added to a workspace can view projects, templates, notes, etc. Users added to multiple workspaces can easily toggle between them.

New workspaces can be added to any GUIDEcx instance for an additional charge. Reach out to your CSM to learn more!


Import Email Attachments Setting

Importing attachments from email is now an organization-wide setting found in Company Settings. Admins can toggle this feature on or off. If on, any attachments included in replies to GUIDEcx emails will be imported to the project or task in GUIDEcx

Program Management

We've made updates to the Program Management experience! All Admins, Managers, and Guides can now access the customer table to view aggregated data like average CSAT score across projects, plus edit or merge customer records.
To access, click the "Program Management" icon in the navigation rail.

➑️ Learn more here.

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