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Customer Roles + View As Customer - Labs
Customer Roles + View As Customer - Labs

More effectively invite, engage, and support your customers.

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We've made updates to the Team Builder experience to help you better engage your customers!

Customer Roles Overview

Projects with more customer users get done faster and better. If a project has 5 or more users, it completes on time at a rate of 91%. Customer Roles was created for two reasons:

  1. To increase the number of users per project, and

  2. To help providers/customers understand who to invite.

We've made it easier than ever to invite the right customers to your onboarding project.

We're excited for you to check it out!

Join the Beta group discussion in the GUIDEcx community! Ask your questions and share your insights in the Customer Roles and View As Beta group!

User Access - Customer Roles

Admin, Managers, and Guides can all invite customers to their onboarding project.

Customer users can also add additional customer roles if they have full project view.

How to Add Customers

  1. Click on the Project's Team Tab

  2. Enter four required fields (First name, last name, email, project view)

  3. Invite the user

Add additional roles by clicking on "Add customer user"

How to Edit a Customer's Title

  1. Double click on the title

  2. Rename their role

  3. Click outside of the text field and the role will auto-save.

How to Edit a Customer's Project View

  1. Click on the ellipses on the Customer's card

  2. Select Edit Project View

  3. Select the view you'd like to give them

  4. Click Save

"View As" Customer

How to see what the customer sees:

  1. On each customer's tile, there will be a "View As" button

  2. Clicking on that will show you what they will see

When to use the "View As" feature:

  • Kickoff Call Presentations

  • Experimenting with different views

  • Troubleshooting

User Access - "View As" Customer

Any user with access to the Team page can use this feature.

  • Internal users: users who are team members on the project, or whose license type gives them visibility into all projects (Admin, Manager, Guide)

  • Customer users: users with the "Full Project View"

As a reminder, "View As" only works for viewing customer users. Internal users are not able to "view as" other internal users. Users can also never "view as" at a higher level of permissions than their user type.

Best Practices

  • We recognize that not everyone uses our nomenclature. You can double click on the title to edit the customer's role in the project.

  • Invite at least 3 customer users per project. (PS They are free so don't let that deter you). Providers (That's you) should add executive sponsor (aka the Check Signer) and then add the other people you are aware of

  • You can always have the customer add their team to project as well! E.g. On a kickoff call, provider can say, "executive sponsor, I've added 2 (or more) roles with these specific titles. Having these will make our project run more smoothly and get done in the best way. Between now and our next call, please invite these additional users. You can learn more on that best practice here.


How will this impact existing projects?

Great question! The expected behavior is that there will be 3 "empty slots" (aka Executive Sponsor, Program Manager, and Power User) for all NET NEW projects. For existing projects you will not see those empty slots, however you will see that the customer section is at the top and the titles of each customer user is editable. (Assuming you have customers invited to the project already.

Can you assign customer tasks to the respective customer role?

No, not yet. This iteration only includes the ability to invite the right people to the project.

Will a customer with Compass View see this customer roles/view as feature?

No. This is only available to customers who have Full Project Access.

Who can use the “View As” feature?

Anyone who has access to the Team page can use this feature. Internal users that are part of the project or whose license type gives them visibility into all projects will be able to access the Team tab and then “View As” the customer users who have been invited to the project.

This also means that customer users who have the “Full Project View” will be able to navigate to the Team tab and “View As” other customer users. It is common for there to be a main point of contact for the customer side and this allows that user to go and view their teammates and understand other GUIDEcx experiences such as “My Tasks Only” and “Compass” views.

It is important to remember that you can never access a higher level of permissions than your user has based on your license type. Also, if you perform an action while in “View As” mode it is attributed to your primary user. Examples of this include changing the status on a task or writing a note. When you view the Activity Log it will show that your primary user is the one who changed the task status and when you view the Notes section it will have your comment attributed to your primary user.

Finally, a reminder that “View As” only works for viewing customer users. Internal users are not able to view as other internal users.

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