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Which Customer Team Members Should I Invite to Projects?
Which Customer Team Members Should I Invite to Projects?

Boost "On Time" Project completion rates by inviting 3-5 customers to your projects!

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Keeping your Customers engaged during the onboarding or implementation journey is an important way to ensure your projects are completed On Time.

One of the best ways to increase on time project completion is by inviting 3-5 customers to your projects!

When our partners invite 3-5 customers to their projects we see their On Time completion rate jump to 90%!

With GUIDEcx, you can provide various levels of Project visibility to engage different customer contributors better. Let's dive into the "why's" behind WHICH customer team members should be invited and WHAT project views are best to keep them engaged!

What is Project Visibility?

Recently, we've launched the ability to choose what level of Project visibility you can provide to EACH individual customer team member. Check out our Help Article on "How Do I Edit the Customer's Project View" to learn more about what levels of visibility each view provides! When inviting customers in the Team tab, be strategic about which view you'd like to provide your customers based on their roles and importance to project completion!

Which Customer Users Should I Invite?

The Executive Sponsor

This customer user is also known as the Check Signer. They will need full project visibility so they can see whether or not their team is completing their tasks on time. Though they may never be assigned tasks within projects to complete, they will receive weekly overview emails providing them visibility into the efficiency of their team as it relates to task/project completion.

Overdue Tasks are listed at the bottom by task name, assignee, and due date! The Check Signer can readily identify which of their team members may be holding up the project momentum.

Though you may not work heavily with this customer team member to get to the end of the journey, having them present in the project and overseeing momentum, provides extrinsic motivation to the rest of their team members to stay locked in and complete their tasks On Time!

The Program Manager

This customer user may be the Program or Team Manager who is your main point of contact who needs to have a full project view in order to understand who on their team needs to be involved and what needs to get done when! This user can provide major insight to the Check Signer who simply wants to know that everything is running as it should! You may find there are more than one of these users if there are several teams and departments needing to implement your software or service.

Customer Full Project View

Customer tasks have been tagged and made visible to the customer to identify which customer team member should be responsible for completing the task. In this example, we've used the tags "Customer: Implementation Manager" and "Customer: IT" to denote the Customer role that would be best for completing that type of task.

The Power User

This user may be invited to the project to complete specific task types that are not assigned to the "App Owner". They may be the IT Manager or other Specialist who simply needs to see their tasks and be hyper focused on what is needed from them in order to keep the Project moving along. This user can be provided the COMPASS View to pinpoint their tasks and when they need to get them completed. Depending on the type of tasks that need to be completed, you may find you have more than one of these users.

Strategic language is used to call attention to "Joe" that the project cannot move along until his task is completed!


Having 3-5 Customer Team members invited to a project ensures that your customer isn't completely siloed on their end and has other team members to provide accountability! Start leveling up your Onboarding today and boost On Time project completion rates by inviting multiple customer users and being strategic about what Project visibility to provide to each user.


Can the customer add other other customer users as participants to a participant task?

Yes, customers can add other customers as participants to tasks they are assigned to if they have a full project or My Tasks view enabled for them. They cannot add participants to a task if Compass view is enabled for them!

Can customers reassign their tasks to another customer?

Yes, customers have Contributor level access and can reassign tasks assigned to them to other customers added to the project.

Can customers add other customers to the project?

Yes, they can if they have a full project view enabled.

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