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GUIDEcx Product Sneak Peeks
GUIDEcx Product Sneak Peeks

Check out what is slated to go live in GUIDEcx in the near future!

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Our GUIDEs are hard at work to bring you the tools you need to deliver exceptional onboarding experiences.

Here's a little taste of what you can expect to see in GUIDEcx in the near future.

Q1 2024

View As [BETA]

Previewing your customer's onboarding experience will be easier than ever

See exactly what your customer's (and other team members too) experience will look like with this new beta!

PS View As will be available in the GUIDEcx Labs experience.


Organize your teams with Workspaces

Workspaces give you the flexibility to build unique workspaces for your teams, brands, locations, etc. all within one GUIDEcx instance.

Report Builder

Edit, Layout, Create, Customize!

Expand beyond the view-only experience in Report Navigator to customize layouts and create cards in your own analytics environment. Drag and drop from the hundreds of charts in our library, or define totally new visualizations from scratch within seconds. Plus, transform GUIDEcx data by combining it with connections to any system that you use.

Embedded Onboarding Portal

Onboard your customers from your app

We've taken the COMPASS customer onboarding experience and made it iframe-able. Experience unparalleled engagement when you embed your customer's tasks within your application.

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