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Support Ticket Portal
Support Ticket Portal

Read about this exciting update for you to view and track all support tickets submitted by you or anyone at your company.

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All GUIDEcx users now have a new support feature available to them: Ticket Portal

What is Ticket Portal?

Ticket Portal gives you the ability to see all Support Tickets submitted by you or anyone at your company.

Not only that, you will be able to view the details of the ticket and even join the conversation associated with that ticket. If you have been able to resolve it already yourself, you can jump right into the ticket conversation to share that with your co-worker. If you have additional context that would be helpful for the GUIDEcx team, you can share it there instead of needing to open a new ticket.

How can I use this?

Go to where you will see a new option at the top of the screen called "Ticket Portal". Here you can review each ticket you and your team members have submitted. This will save you and them from needing to check around internally to see if anyone else has already reported the same thing you are seeing.

Next, for any ticket of interest, click to view the details. Even more information is available to you if you select "View Conversation" at the bottom of the ticket. Here you will see the conversation that has been held between GUIDEcx and you or your team member. You'll notice you have the option to "Send us a message" too. If as you read through the conversation you notice something that your team member missed, or you have additional context that may help, you can join the conversation to add that detail--much better than having to create a new ticket from scratch!

Can I start a chat with a Support Guide?

Absolutely! After submitting a ticket, a chat conversation will be created where you can converse with our team. wonderful Support Guides stand ready to assist.

What other support resources should I be aware of?

We have built a suite of services to guide and support you every step of the way in your journey to create the best experience you can for your customers and your team members. All websites worthy of a bookmark!

  • is where you can view and subscribe to alerts for the status of GUIDEcx's services.

  • is where you can not only find the ticket portal, but our entire Knowledge Base of articles and videos.

  • is the place for all onboarding professionals to ask "How to" questions about the GUIDEcx software and about general implementation best practices. You will find conversations ranging from "How to collaborate with the sales team" to "How to host the perfect kickoff call"

  • is where you can enroll in GUIDE University to learn everything from the basics to the advanced functionality of GUIDEcx. These courses are self-paced training modules with hands-on learning, assessments and certificates for those who complete the courses successfully. Best of luck!

  • Product suggestions and roadmap can be found in the lower left corner of GUIDEcx (here is a link). You can review what is under consideration, planned, getting worked on, in beta and released. You can also submit new ideas here or add your voice, context and votes to ideas that have already been submitted.

What if I have a quick "How to" question?

No need to submit a ticket for these. We have an entire community of individuals ready to help you there.

All questions about:

  • How to do something in GUIDEcx

  • What happens if you do something or

  • How are others doing something

Can be answered in the GUIDEcx community, which you will find at

You can always reference our Help Center (at too, but feel free to jump into the community where you will find others from all over the world ready to help and share what they know with you. There is even a channel called Product Q&A where you can see if others have asked the same question. If not, you can ask your question to the broader community (other GUIDEcx users - like you).

Finally, thank you for using GUIDEcx! Here's to the future πŸ₯‚

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