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Program Management

This article will supply GUIDEcx Providers with information and best practices for the new Program Management Dashboard feature.

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Program Management is used for managing customers and aggregating projects at the customer level. Program Management consists of two parts: the Customer Table and Program Management Dashboard.

Customer Table

The Customer Table is the centralized location for managing customers including merging/deleting customers, making edits to name and logos, updating a customer’s primary contact information, and viewing some aggregated metrics including Total Cash Value and Average CSAT.

The Customer Table is accessible to all providers, while the Program Management Dashboard is part of our Advanced Package. We want all providers to have clean data, and our merging feature in the table helps make this simple and easy.

Providers can merge any duplicate records (caused from historical data) by deleting an old customer record and transferring any associated projects to another customer.

Deleting a customer and transferring their projects to another customer:

1. Hover over the customer you want to delete - the “Edit” and “Delete” buttons will appear on the far right side of the table.

2. Click the trashcan icon to launch the modal.

3. Within the modal, use the drop down menu to select the customer you’d like to reassign projects to.

4. Type the word “delete” in the field to confirm your action, then click the “Delete” button.

🎊 You have now successfully merged your duplicate records! All aggregated data will be reflected in the table.

Editing a customer:

If you need to edit a customer’s name, change their logo, or update contact information, simply hover over the customer and select the pencil icon that appears on the far right of the table.

Program Management Dashboard

The GUIDEcx Program Management Dashboard launches when you click on a customer in the Customer Table. From the dashboard, you can view aggregated data at a high level with the ability to drill down into more granular project and task details.

User Access

Admin, Managers, and Guides, can access the can access the Customer Table and Program Management Dashboard*.

*GUIDEcx Advanced Package

How to Navigate the Program Management Dashboard

  1. Locate the "Program Management" tab in the left hand menu column

  2. Select a customer

  3. Now you can see a list of that customer's associated projects, average CSAT, task or project status, and forecasted completion date.

    1. Use the Project Status Widget to break down the % of projects that are On Time, On Hold, Late, and Completed.

    2. Use the Task Status Widget to break down the % of tasks that are Done, Remaining, and Late.

  4. The Project Table displays all active and customer projects including details on status, CSAT, and forecasted end date.

Best Practices

  • Invite Account Managers and Customer Success Managers to the GUIDEcx platform in order to provide them with a way to easily view aggregated project data for the customers they manage.

  • Upload contact information for the primary point of contact for your customer teams for Project Managers to access using the Program Management Dashboard

  • This feature works great with those clients that may have multi-location onboarding!

  • To get the full benefit of the Program Management Dashboard, make sure to utilize CSAT surveys!


What does the Late status mean?

Late tasks are those that are Not Started, Working On It, or Stuck that are past their due date.

What is the "Remaining Tasks" status mean?

Remaining tasks are tasks that are not Done or Late.

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