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GUIDEcx BI: Overview

Self-serve business intelligence to view, edit, automate, and delegate analytics

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GUIDEcx Business Intelligence is the umbrella offering for all analytics. It began with the view experience of Report Navigator years ago where you could sort, filter, drill, and export. This is the default version that is bundled with all tiers.

You can still delegate the creation of reports to our paid services team, but that sometimes involves waiting for requests to be prioritized in the consulting backlog. Eliminating that wait is why we expanded to the self-serve edit experience of Report Builder last year where you could create, customize, layout, and alert on your own.

This year's additional layer of Artificial Intelligence in AI Chat and Generative AI for dashboard creation makes the jump from Navigator to Builder easier than ever. It starts with AI chat where you can ask plain english questions and get written answers. Then it expands to generative AI where you can have entire dashboards created for you in seconds.

AI also lays the foundation for exciting releases targeted later this year around universal models for anomaly detection and contribution analysis so you can identify which spikes deserve your attention and what might have caused them. Power users can even expand into custom AI model management where you can train chatbots to answer questions or route people to the right resources.

User Access

GUIDEcx BI [Report Builder + AI chat] is available as an add-on for any package. Talk to your CSM or AE to enable this for your organization.

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